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Robotics Solution

Auto Toolpath Generation & Dispensing System for Robotics Masking

To get the job done right the first time, you need the right tools.


Whether you're taping off for an urgent spray painting job, for your sandblasting processes or for short pinning, our Auto Toolpath Generation & Dispensing system will help you get your job done right.


While masking tapes require no curing step, application of the tape is a time-consuming, labor intensive process and difficult for very small keep-out zones. Whether you use tapes, liquid masks or UV curable masks, each process has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Robotics Solution

Auto-Grinding System for Robotics Grinding / Polishing / Deburring

The Robot grinding machine is an automated system that requires minimum manning. It runs on CODESYS to provide the SoftPLC system control which manage and control all the components and electrical devices of the machine. 

Automation means excellent quality and cost savings due to the precise control of all preparation parameters and consumption of materials.


Our solution is customized exactly to the user’s specific requirements, taking care of the entire preparation process – from grinding to final polishing.

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