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Cermate Technologies

The Professional HMI Solution Provider

Cermate is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and communications gateway manufacturer located in Taiwan and established in 2003.

They have a professional R&D team and extended team, experienced in producing high-quality technology, that provides the best solutions for end-users and OEM / ODM businesses.

They produce software to help customers develop safer and more advanced HMI solutions, with greater efficiency and ease. They have the hardware and software solutions to help manufacturers maintain industry 4.0 standards.

Product Highlight


Cermate's HMI solutions enable real-time monitoring of your control systems. Serial HMIs can upload data to the cloud using their S-Box solution as well.

Some key features of their HMI products include:

  • Share data and update application to target PLC

  • Easily control target devices with the support schedule function

  • Real-time data analytics and graphic control planning

  • When an over temperature message is received from the S-Box, the watchdog function will be activated.

  • Send alert messages when system issues are detected

  • Support multiple drivers for target devices

Software Introduction

Cermate's software helps businesses work easier, smarter, and safer in the IoT era. They also provide professional services on software-driven hardware solutions, such as Machine automation, building automation, factory automation, and energy management.

Our solutions include:

  • HMI in Hand: mobile device remote monitoring APP

  • IDCS: Inter-device connection service

  • PanelVision: Multi-window monitoring system

  • PanelExpress: SCADA PC runtime software

  • PM Designer: HMI editing software

  • tManager: PLC channel setting software

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