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Sustainability in the Manufacturing Sector

With the recent conclusion of the United Nations COP27 held in Egypt, an increased focus has been placed on ensuring sustainable practices are upheld across all different industries and countries.

Recently, Singapore has also announced its accelerated climate action targets, with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, signalling the government’s push towards the green transition.

The manufacturing industry, which has known to be resource intensive and emissions heavy, is also under greater pressure to transform it’s processes and take part in sustainable practices. So, what can manufacturers do to improve sustainability outcomes in their factory?

Improved product design

Manufacturers are at the forefront of industrial innovation, and have the power to create products that score better on sustainability goals. Not only can physical products be designed with more sustainable materials, production of these products can also be modified to reduce the amount of emissions during this stage as well.

Green transformation across all operations

Today, manufacturers are empowered by technology to enable the green transformation across all areas of operation. For instance, using data analytics and innovative technologies, companies can better track energy use and factory emissions, giving clear business insights on which areas of production can and need to be changed in order for emissions to come down.

Upskilling people for the green transition

People are key to driving sustainability in the business. Investing in employees to take up courses on sustainable manufacturing and business is a great way to help existing workers be part of the company’s green targets. Upskilled workers can then take on hybrid roles, blending their engineering background with a focus on sustainable systems to help the company make concrete steps towards its goals.

Employees can also form internal groups to champion environmental causes, which helps to motivate people to support the issues that they actually care about, and drive change in a real and authentic manner.

Manufacturers have a long journey ahead to improving sustainable outcomes in the factory. What’s heartening is that more people are recognising the need the industry to do better at protecting the environment. Taking meaningful action, no matter how small, will help us to build towards a better future together for the next generation.

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