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Leveraging the benefits of flexible automation

I recently came across an article on the idea of flexible automation, written by Caroline Pan, Chief Marketing Officer, Bright Machines. She writes that ever since the pandemic, flexibility has become a key priority for organisations. Through having a flexible mindset, manufacturers can embrace innovation and find different operating methods to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

With flexible automation, manufacturers can bring together the benefits of traditional automation with human flexibility, change automation programs on different assembly lines to fit current needs, and ensure systems are modular, changeable, and can be re-used over again.

The concept of flexibility has always been important for manufacturers looking to transform hefty operations into agile and adaptable ones. Many of our customers also seek out solutions that can render greater flexibility for their operations.

Notably, many customers have the misconception that flexibility is only reserved for larger manufacturers who can invest in the right technologies. They also have the misconception that technologies that are agile and flexible have to be costly and require a high level of technical expertise.

On the contrary, flexibility can be scaled to your operation – it’s all about finding the right technologies that fit your operations while giving you the necessary room to change and adapt based on your needs.

If you’re looking for solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your factory, reach out to our consultants to learn more now! Email us at to get started.

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