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Let Industrial Robots do the heavy lifting for your factory!

When we think of robots taking over human processes, many would draw parallels with blockbuster films like Matrix or Terminator, where autonomous, intelligent robots attempt to completely takeover human life in an apocalyptic world.

Thankfully, that cannot be further from reality. The real-world industrial robots have a synergistic relationship with human operations in the factory floor, rather than an antagonistic takeover of jobs.

From our experience helping clients setup industrial robots in their factories, industrial robots can actually serve to enhance the existing operations in the factory, which frees up time and manpower to focus on higher-level tasks that can directly impact productivity and sales.

Here are some of the common benefits of deploying industrial robots in the factory!

Precision & Accuracy

Manual tasks like polishing and grinding require a high level of precision and accuracy. While it has traditionally been the job for humans, long hours holding the polishing or grinding tools are known to create muscle aches and other physical problems. Furthermore, depending on the shape and curvature of the object, the tasks can also get increasingly difficult and prone to human errors.

Today, these jobs can be easily replaced with polishing and grinding robots that can achieve a level of precision and accuracy that humans simply cannot. Not just that, we can expect the industrial robots to complete the job with speed and consistency, consistently.

Which leads me to my next point…

Speed & Consistency

Time is of the essence in the factory. Even just a few seconds shaved off from a particular process in the entire production line can have an impact on the overall output. Today, it is not only the demand of goods and services that has grown, but the demand for quality products have also risen.

The age-old debate between quantity and quality can be resolved by the use of industrial robots. Industrial robots can consistently deliver quality products at a high speed.

Free up manpower for higher level jobs

We don’t need more people taking up mundane, repetitive tasks on the factory floor. Rather, we need factory staff to be involved in process optimization, customer service, strategic planning and other high level jobs that robots simply cannot do.

When you implement industrial robots in your factory floor, you actually free up manpower to focus on tasks that have a direct impact on sales, production, branding, customer relations and more. Finding the right talent has always been an issue in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Rather than getting completely fresh talent, where you have to spend time training them about the factory operations from the top, consider re-skilling your existing manpower to take up different functions within the factory. Not only does your staff already have expert knowledge on the factory operations, engaging them in higher level work will also boost employee morale and happiness, which leads to better employee engagement and retention.

These are just three benefits of deploying industrial robots at your factory floor. Of course, there are many more use cases of industrial robots that can benefit the factory operations in other ways.

If you’d like to find out more, simply drop us an enquiry at and the Leaptron team will be happy to share more about our robotic solutions!

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