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3 major changes in factories with the rise of IIoT

Where IIoT was once a niche and trendy topic to discuss as a “future of factories”, it is fast becoming the reality for many looking to continue operating their factories since the pandemic. As the dust settles on the digital transformation sprint, we collectively took in 2020, here are some major changes to come with factories incorporating IIoT devices and solutions.

1. Data for everything!

With sensors, applications, monitoring tools, automation solutions and the like taking over factory operations, it gives us the ability to track everything in the factory! Data is essential for business decision making, and while it was difficult to get data on specific aspects of production in the past, it will no longer be a problem for many factories moving forward!

Think of hazardous environments that make it hard for employees to enter. Instead, a sensor can be placed to continuously and automatically to monitor the system! Data will become a key driver in optimising factory performance, and factories with the most visibility on their operations will likely go further in the post-pandemic world.

2. Customising a network of solutions

Armed with data, factory operators can now identify the exact pain points that are slowing down performance and fix it with targeted solutions. They can also better identify their goals and create an ecosystem of solutions that best fit their needs.

No two IIoT-enabled factories will look the same. IIoT solutions could unleash an exciting design phase for many factories to further optimise and transform their operations.

3. Increased exposure to cyber risks

Unfortunately, IIoT comes with its own cyber risks. With everything being connected to the internet, cybercriminals could easily hack into systems and syphon off important data from the factory. This could lead to costly ransomware payments as confidential data lands in the hands of adversaries. Factory operators will have to quickly setup the right cybersecurity parameters within their network to prevent such attacks from happening.

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